Pregnant Alyssa Milano Swears She's Not Carrying Twins (PHOTO)

alyssa milanoIt was just last month that Alyssa Milano shared the news that she was pregnant with baby number two. So we can assume she was maybe around two months along, perhaps a little more. But the selfie she recently took of her belly bump (left) could lead some to think she was way into her second trimester. Or that she was carrying twins.

Twins! How great would that be? I'm a mom of twins, so I think it would be awesome. But Alyssa has put the kibosh on that, swearing there is just one baby in there.


"The bump. #shortpeoplecarrybig #noitsnottwins" is what her Instagram said.

Moms who have had more than one pregnancy can attest to the fact that many times when pregnant with baby number two, the bump grows bigger faster. So you look (and often feel) almost third-trimester pregnant when you're not yet in the second trimester. Oh babies and the things they do to our bodies. And ... oh mothers and the amazing things our bodies can do! Alyssa looks gorgeous and glowing and perfect.

A source told Us magazine that Alyssa "is so excited to be pregnant again! She just recently started showing and has wanted to expand her family with David [Bugliari] for a while." 

Aww. Just so happy for them. And not-so-secretly wishing it was twins.

Did you experience showing faster and larger with your second pregnancy?


Image via milano_alyssa/Instagram

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