Proof That Jennifer Love Hewitt​ Chose the Right Dad for Her Baby

jennifer love hewittI'm in all kinds of awe of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I love how she talks about how she's in no rush to take the baby weight off and how there are better things for a new mom to worry about ... like when she and her husband Brian Hallisay are going to have family snuggle time with their 4-month-old daughter Autumn. It's also fantastic to hear that Brian is so supportive that Hewitt thinks he should be a doula.

Yes. He's apparently that good. He's of the I wish all partners would be like him variety. Because we all know how much support we need. We know how hard it is to do this whole parenting thing alone ... or feeling alone. We all know how support actually helps us to be a better mom. This guy ... wow.


Jennifer says of her 35-year-old husband:

He's such a great dad. She [their daughter] is just the light of his life, it's really fun to see. And he just takes great care of us both, it's really nice. He's really good about letting me sneak out and get my nails done. He's great about giving me neck massages where I've thrown out my neck from carrying her. We have family snuggle time which is really nice, with his two girls. He was the most amazing man during labor ever! Just solid as a rock, never wavered, never flinched, was like 'we're a team, let's do this.' He was absolutely amazing so I told him, 'If you don't want to be an actor one day you should be a doula!'

Okay now. Let's try really hard not to be jealous. This is the greatest! I love hearing great family stories like this. And we need more of it. Not people tearing other men down for being there for their wives and newborns. Like the case of New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy who missed opening day when his wife had their first child. Sportscasters criticized him for taking a three-day paternity leave and even suggested his wife should have had a c-section to accommodate his schedule. Disgusting.

Instead this is happy and well-needed news of a dad being there for his family, for his wife when in labor, for knowing that even though Jennifer is the one physically delivering the baby, his support and participation in the delivery is just as important. When we go through labor, our partners need to be there of us in order for us to have the best labor possible, without fear. It's the moment we are bringing life into this world, the very moment, so shouldn't it be a moment experienced in the best way possible, with support and love? Absolutely. This guy gets it. I'd hire him to be my doula.

Was your partner as supportive as Jennifer's?


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