Halle Berry's Superficial Reason for Breastfeeding Just Might Get More Moms to Do It

Halle BerryAww! After the birth of her son, Maceo, she's finally speaking out about how things are going with her little guy. And duh, Halle Berry is breastfeeding -- although one of her main reasons for doing so may seem a little bit selfish.

In an interview with Extra, she said, "Every mother should breastfeed. It's the quickest way to shed the initial weight, and then you have to eat right."

And there you have it. She's crediting breastfeeding with helping her regain her enviable figure -- and exactly no one can blame her. Isn't that something every mom wants? To get her body back after having a baby?

(Or maybe some don't, which is fine too. More power to 'em.)


Whether Halle realizes it or not, she may have just inspired a few more moms to hop on the breastfeeding bandwagon and give it a shot -- even if their reason for doing so is a little superficial.

We all know that breastfeeding is beneficial for babies. It strengthens their immune system and aids with development. It's pure, natural, and easy for babies to digest. And it also helps them bond even more with their mothers. But sometimes those reasons aren't enough to convince expectant moms to give breastfeeding a try -- but the weight loss factor could wind up being a real formula deal-breaker.

(I know back when I had my son, I would've done just about anything if there was a good chance it could help me shed the pounds.)

And even if the promise of quick weight loss is what gets some moms on board, who really cares what the incentive is? Even though breastfeeding might not work out for everyone, there are probably several moms who will find that it's a whole lot easier and more convenient than they expected. They can lose weight and know they're doing something healthy and good for their baby as a result.

Was the possibility of faster weight loss a factor in your decision to breastfeed?


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