Victoria Beckham Won't Let Her Son Become the Next Justin Bieber

brooklyn beckham man about townLook who's kid just landed a 20-page fashion spread. Victoria and David Beckham's oldest son Brooklyn made his modeling debut on the cover of Man About Town -- and does he ever look exactly like both of his parents. But the 15-year-old doesn't look too grown-up in this men's magazine. He's featured in an article on the teenage lifestyle, and is posed to look just like you're typical 15-year-old boy ... well, maybe a much more glamorous version, anyway. But here's how Brooklyn's parents are keeping their superstar son grounded.


An insider tells the Daily Mail:

David and Victoria are immensely proud of all their children, and they never push them into anything even though the boys get lots of offers. Brooklyn is focused on school and soccer, but of course he was so excited to get his first magazine cover shoot as he's interested in photography like his dad.

So the kids don't get to say "yes" to every offer. Their parents are pretty selective about what they do get to do. Man About Town is a small magazine published twice a year, not exactly Teen Vogue. It's still all about school (and athletics) for Brooklyn and the other Beckham kids.

In fact, it sounds like he didn't even get to skip out on any school to do the photo shoot. The insider adds that it took place over a weekend, and the whole family came along for support -- and also probably to keep an eye on the young model.

I can imagine it's mighty tempting for the Beckhams, especially the kids, to get so much attention and not run with it. But Victoria and David are wise to take it all slowly. I don't think they should say no to everything -- they wouldn't want to make it forbidden fruit. But they're setting clear boundaries to protect their kids' childhoods.

Would you let your kids do any kind of modeling if they had the opportunity? Why or why not?


Image via Man About Town


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