Paul Walker's Mom Gives His Daughter's Mother the Deal of a Lifetime

Paul WalkerActor Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Walker has not had it easy these past few months. First her father dies, then the teen finds out she'll have to uproot and go live with grandma if she wants her giant inheritance, throwing her right in the middle of an epic custody war. But it looks like cooler heads are prevailing. Finally!

Cheryl Walker, Paul's mom, may have gotten custody of her granddaughter in the Fast and Furious star's will, but the girl's mom, Rebecca Soteros, may not be losing her child after all.


According to TMZ, Cheryl is willing to completely ignore the stipulations of her son's will ... if Soteros -- who has been arrested for DUI several times -- agrees to complete rehab.

Sounds pretty fair, don't you think? Kids need solid, stable parents, and a mom who gets in a car after drinking clearly is neither.

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More to the point, kids need parents. Sure, many grandparents in this country are doing a wonderful job of raising their grandkids because of various circumstances, but I think most of them would say they'd prefer their kids actually be there for their own kids because, well, that's what being a parent is all about. With one parent gone, Meadow is already having it rough. Not having either parent in her life is an emotional rollercoaster that is best avoided -- if at all possible.

Kudos to Grandma here. Rather than putting her own selfish desire to spend time with Meadow ahead of the child's own needs, she's being a truly loving grandparent. She's giving her granddaughter the best gift of all -- real support and unconditional love.

Now let's hope Soteros can put her daughter's needs ahead of her own selfish desires to drink. She has the very best reason to get treatment and actually kick butt in rehab -- her child.

What do you make of Cheryl ignoring Paul's will stipulation? Would you be mad if your parent ignored what you put in your will?


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