Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Will Get to Eat More Ice Cream With Their Dad Now

gwyneth paltrowAmid the gossip over what caused the split between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, a new theory surfaces. Paltrow and Martin had different parenting styles. Okay, that's a lot less sexy than the rumors about an open marriage -- but these little, daily disagreements can do a lot of damage to a relationship over time. Supposedly Gwyneth was the strict parent, especially when it comes to food, and Chris was more lax about everything. What's going to happen when the kids bounce between households?


According to insiders/gossips, Martin was bugged by Paltrow's obsession with healthy eating -- even for the kids -- and her strict rules like television only in Spanish or French. Supposedly, he wanted the kids to have a more carefree childhood. He just wanted to take them out for ice cream every so often and let them see movies in English, you know?

I suspect Gwyneth let her kids have a more balanced lifestyle than she gets credit for. I think I've read something about their "Coke of the week" -- which I can't mock considering my own son drinks Coke exactly never (but he also never asks for one). But a person couldn't be blamed for imagining how different life with Gwyneth will be for the kids, compared with life with Chris

Life at Chez Goop: Wake at 6:00 a.m. and do yoga first thing. Fresh acai, wheatgrass, and flax smoothies for breakfast. Off to school on time, uniforms clean and pressed. After-school snacks of toasted nori or kale chips whilst doing homework. Dinner is quinoa with steamed broccoli and wild-caught salmon. A strawberry for dessert, wow! Kids are allowed to watch Kiki's Delivery Service in the original Japanese for 30 minutes before going to bed.

Life at Chris "Fun Time" Martin's House: Oversleep again -- oops! Just throw on the same uniforms you wore the day before. Pop Tarts for breakfast on the wild drive to school. Go out for ice cream after school. Almost forget about homework. Get it done at the dinner table over a bucket of fried chicken. More ice cream for dessert? Don't mind if we do! Fall asleep in front of the TV watching Thor: The Dark World. Again.

Seriously, though -- I hope Gwyneth and Chris are able to co-parent peacefully, even if they have different parenting styles. Arguing over that is stressful for the kids. So even if Apple and Moses get whiplash going from one lifestyle to the other, the most important thing is that they feel equally loved by each parent, and they see their parents treat each other with respect. I'm sure Gwyneth and Chris will make that their priority.

Do you and your spouse or co-parent struggle with different parenting styles?


Image via Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

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