Josh Duhamel Shares Adorable Photo of Axl Wishing Fergie Happy Birthday

axl duhamel happy birthdayThis is such a cute way to send birthday greetings! Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie celebrates her 39th today, so her husband Josh Duhamel posted a photo of their baby Axl wishing her a happy birthday on Instagram. Everyone, all together now: Aww! Josh is holding Axl with one hand and holding a sign that reads, "Happy Birthday Mommy!!!" in the other. It's just the thing to melt a mommy's heart. Prepare yourself for this weapon of mass adorableness.


axl duhamel happy birthday

Look at that bright-eyed kid, and with all that hair already! He has no idea what a birthday is yet and can't even say the words "happy birthday," but I'm sure Fergie loved seeing his precious photo on her special day. Just think -- now there's one more person on the planet who loves her and will mark all the important dates of her life with her. Someday he'll be making Fergie birthday cards with scissors and crayons.

This was very thoughtful of Josh. He probably thought of other, more private ways to wish his wife the best today. But I think we're all glad we got a peek at this sweet birthday message.

Oh by the way, did you happen to see this other ovary-scream-inducing photo of Axl his dad posted the other day?

axl duhamel

There's another one where Axl is being photobombed by the dog, and another where Josh kisses him on the head. Josh! Stop posting photos of your baby. I'm TRYING to get some work done here! Anyway -- sweetest birthday wishes ever, really.

Have you ever gotten a birthday card or photo from your baby?


Images via Josh Duhamel/Instagram

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