Kristin Cavallari Dishes on the 1 Pregnancy Treatment Only Her Husband Can Deliver

kristen cavallariThere's a certain little pregnancy treatment Kristin Cavallari needs from her husband, Jay Cutler. No, it's not sciatica massages. It's not anti-nausea acupuncture. And it's not chocolate milkshakes delivered bedside at 3 a.m. I'll tell you what it is: It is sex. "Sex is funny when you're pregnant," Cavallari says in Fit Pregnancy. "Guys get weird about it." Uh-oh, Jay. You're "funny" about pregnancy sex? We sure hope not!


We've written before that sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe. And we've talked about all the different ways pregnant sex can be done. It's pretty clear: You can definitely do the deed when you're knocked up. And you probably should, especially if this is your first, because this is your last chance to go at each other without having to wait for someone to fall asleep. (This is Kristin and Jay's second, so I guess that matters less for them.)

Let's not be too hard on Jay, though. A lot of guys are weirded out by pregnancy sex, because ... there's, like, a baby right there! And what if you break it? And is she really even in the mood for sex? It's all kind of disorienting and confusing for men, I think.

Kristin recommends doing things like wearing lingerie, lighting candles, the usual -- all in the name of "making time for the relationship ... It doesn't even have to be in a sexual way." Oh Kristin, don't be so coy. We all know what making time for the relationship in your lingerie with candles lit means: Doing the four-poster cha-cha. Otherwise, you'd be talking about eating Laffy Taffy together while watching TV in your matching flannel pajamas.

Do you have a hard time talking your SO into having sex when you're pregnant, or is it the other way around?


Image via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

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