Chris Hemsworth Gives Twin Boys Unexpected Names

chris hemsworth elsa patakyOn March 18, ridiculously good-looking actors Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky welcomed two babies -- twin boys. The couple has stayed relatively mum since we learned Elsa gave birth, but guess what, friends? We've got the names now! And they're SO not what you would expect Chris and Elsa to name their kids (because, you know, we know them so well). Both names are ... shockingly normal.

Very unhollywood, but you know what? I respect that. Okay, onto the names ...


Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth! "You are home!" Pataky wrote in Spanish on her Instagram. "Tristan and Sasha came to this world on March 18, just after a full moon. Complete happiness!" Love those names! But being that their almost-2-year-old daughter's name is India, I must say, I'm fairly surprised the couple decided to go with more "traditional" names. No, Tristan and Sasha aren't common boy names, but I know two boys with each of those names. I don't know any Apples or Birdies (both cute names, by the way). They aren't completely out there, or unheard of.

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I also love how the boys' names don't necessarily "go" together. Naming a baby is hard enough work, I can't imagine feeling pressure to name two whose names both complement each other. Both Sasha and Tristan will grow up to be their own individual selves, so it only makes sense that they would have "individual" names.

Congrats to the happy couple! And again, love the names. The only thing that's left? A pic of Chris holding both of his babies while casually walking down the street.

What do you think of the names?


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