Alyssa Milano & Husband Expecting Baby Number 2!

Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano and her younger husband (me-ow, get it girl) David Bugliari just announced that they are expecting a new addition to their family in the form of a second baby! Aw, happy baby news! The couple, who have been married since 2009, have been pretty vocal about their plans to conceive baby number two.

In fact, what with Alyssa talking about all the love-making they've been doing all the time, we're kind of surprised that the over-sharing duo didn't make this announcement a lot earlier. Also let's reflect on the fact that I just wrote out 'love-making' in a serious and real way. Ah, life, the twists and turns you make surprise us all. 


As I said, this will be the couple's second baby. Their son Milo (also the name of my dearly departed black lab, RIP) is two years old -- I bet he'll be an awesome big brother. Though truly, the only proof I have backing the veracity of that statement is just how psyched Alyssa is to be having baby number two and how much she's said in the past about Milo being the best kid on the planet.

Pretty cute stuff happening in the Milano-Bugliari household, I bet! There's no word on just how far along the mother-to-be is, but as recently as February 3rd she was on record talking about how she and David were trying to conceive. Though no new pics have yet to emerge, sources say she's already started to show a bit, so she might have already been pregnant when she was dropping those coy quotes! Congratulations to the Alyssa and her whole family. 

What do you think Alyssa will name baby number 2?


Image via Ingrid Richter/Flickr

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