Angelina Jolie Designs Quirky Kids' Clothes Based on 'Maleficent' Movie

Adriana Velez | Mar 21, 2014 Celebrity Moms

maleficent disneyExciting news for those of you who love the wicked style in Disney's upcoming movie, Maleficent. Designer and mom of four Stella McCartney is collaborating with Angelina Jolie to create a children's clothing based on the movie! Fans can pick up the creations at McCartney's store and Disney stores starting in April. There be 8 pieces, including footwear, dresses, and t-shirts, in children's sizes 4 through 14. Best of all, some of the proceeds will go toward SOS Children's Villages, which provides homes for children in need.

A couple looks from the Maleficent line have been released, and they're simply enchanting. Here's what else we'd wish for, if we could.

What would you like to see from the "Maleficent" line?

  • Maleficent, Style Icon


    Those horns, that collar -- are you sure you don't want to make a few things for the grown-ups, Stella?

  • Purple, Sparkly Witch


    Here's the first image from the actual line. What if your daughter wants to dress up as Maleficent but cannot bear to part from her beloved color palate? Sparkly dress and horns, of course! I hope the sandals come with it.

  • Boys Can Play Maleficent, Too


    And here's the second image from the line. There's a t-shirt girls and boys can wear, and a horned headdress that hews a little closer to the original. Does it come with the wings?

  • Wings, We Need Wings


    I mean it -- I'm hoping we get a set of play wings with the line. Maybe instead of black, they could take after these wings on pre-evil Maleficent? I like her dress, too.

  • Wishing for 3 Fairy Dresses


    Not that we need more fairy dresses, but these would be sweet -- especially if you happened to have three little girls.

  • Spindle-Pricking Gown


    Hopefully there will be an elegant, sky-blue gown just like Princess Aurora's.

  • Baby Dress Fit for a Princess


    Well, we know there won't be any baby dresses since the line start at preschooler sizes. But would this baby gown be fun?

  • Hooded Cape for Wandering Enchanted Forests


    A hooded cape like Aurora's would be the coolest thing ever, don't you think? And so practical for rainy spring mornings ... well, if you're careful not to trip all over it and have some place to store it at school.

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