Kate Gosselin's Latest Bad Parenting Move Has Jon on the Warpath

kate gosselinRecently, the world was blessed with the knowledge that Kate Gosselin will be returning to television for a one-hour TLC special with her adorable kids. One person who's not happy? (Besides you.) You guessed, her ex-husband, Jon. According to a source, "Jon thinks it is a really bad idea for his kids. Jon feels he has his kids' best interest at heart." And the sad thing? Kate didn't, and didn't have to, get any permission from Jon whatsoever about putting their eight children on TV again. "Jon didn't have to give his consent for their kids to tape the TLC special," a source said. "Kate's not obligated to tell him anything."

Kinda sad. As much as I don't like Jon either, a big decision like putting your young children on television kind of seems like it should be made between two parents, not just one.


Since he and Kate parted ways, Jon has been extremely vocal about not wanting his children on television. When he heard there was talk of another reality show for Kate and the kids he said, "I'll fight it. I don't need the money, I'll just go to work. Because I fought so hard to get my kids off of television."

Again, by no means does Jon Gosselin appear to be a model parent, but I would be so infuriated if I were him and my ex were putting our children on TV against my wishes. Typically, reality TV couples with kids decide together on whether or not their kids can be in front of the camera -- no matter how acrimonious the split. (See Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian.)
Sadly, though, Jon better get used to it, as Kate seems to be on a mission to have (most of) her family on television again. And, according to her, it's what her children want, as well. "They cheered like crazy. It was like I announced that it's Christmas tomorrow," Kate, said of telling her kids they were going to be on TV again. "Our crew walked in and it was like they had never left."
So, yeah.
Do you think Jon has a right to be annoyed that his children are going to be on television again?
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