Kate Winslet Finally Reveals Meaning of Baby's Unusual Name (VIDEO)​

Kate Winslet

Have you ever stopped and wondered how some celebrities come up with their very nontraditional baby names? Well, Kate Winslet just appeared on Ellen and dished about how she and her husband, Ned RocknRoll, decided on "Bear Blaze" for their 14-week-old.

Bear was a name Kate had always loved. She had a friend who was nicknamed Bear, and she says he was a great figure in her life and was "a big bear hug" -- so they wound up settling on the moniker for their son early on in her pregnancy.

But wait until you hear the inspiration behind the baby's middle name, "Blaze."

You're gonna get a kick out of this one.


(I know, I know. It's tough to get used to hearing Kate with an English accent.)

Don't you love it? They chose Blaze because they met in a fire. In case you don't remember, Kate was vacationing on Necker Island when the blaze (!!) broke out back in 2011. Remember -- she even helped save Richard Branson's mom?!?

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Could Blaze be any more fitting for this kid? What a great way to commemorate how she and Ned came together to create baby Bear in the first place. It's funny how things seem to happen for a reason, isn't it? This child never would've existed had that fire not broken out, so I really can't think of a more appropriate middle name. Fate works in funny ways sometimes!

Think about it for a second -- what would your baby's middle name be if you used Kate's method and called him something related to how you met your husband?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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