Jessica Alba Gets Heat for Dressing Her 5-Year-Old Like an Adult

Jessica Alba and HonorOh, man. Way to set yourself up for a ton of unnecessary criticism. In a new interview with People, Jessica Alba talked about her daughter Honor and mentioned that she really wishes she would "dress her age."

At 5 1/2, Jess admits, "Honor likes wearing dresses and heels." She also added, "For sure I see a mini-me. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Honor is like me grown up. It’s so bizarre."

And I'm sure you can guess what's going on as a result of her comments, right?

Yep. Readers are all bent out of shape not because Honor is a girly-girl, but because Jessica allows her to wear heels.


You know, because she's way too young to want to dress up like her mama and look pretty and feminine and all that good stuff.

Here's a smidgen of some of the judgmental comments Jess has received:

Where did she get the dresses and heels? You bought them for her! If you want her to "dress her age" than you need to buy her clothes that are for her age. You can point one finger and your daughter but three more are pointing right back to you.

Well, here’s an idea: you’re her mother ... you tell her what to wear. If she’s steamrolling you at 5, watch out. Sheesh.

If you want your daughter to dress her age ... don’t buy her inappropriate clothes and shoes. YOU’RE the Mother.


Gah. Lighten up, people! First of all, I highly doubt Honor walks around in heels every single day of the week. If anything, she probably has a couple cute little pairs that she wears for special occasions or when she's playing dress-up, which is perfectly normal.

And second -- who are we to judge Jessica for what her little girl does and does not wear? Here's a little food for thought. If Angelina Jolie's daughter, Shiloh, can dress "like a boy," then nobody should have a problem with Honor wanting to dress like a girl.

Whatever happened to letting kids express themselves? It's not like she's allowing her to leave the house in full makeup or something. She simply wants to wear fancy shoes like her mom once in a while -- which, if you ask me, is pretty flattering as a parent. What mom doesn't want her daughter to view her as a role model?

Jessica is a great mom. And what her kid wears is her business and hers alone.

Besides -- aren't there plenty of other celeb parents out there who are much more worthy of picking on? (Kidding. Sort of.)

Would you be opposed to your 5-year-old wearing heels?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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