'Today' Host Savannah Guthrie's Pregnancy Announcement Shocks Wedding Guests (VIDEO)

Savannah Guthrie

OMG ... have you heard the news? Today's Savannah Guthrie is pregnant with her first child! Oh, and she's married too. Yep. She announced a double whammy live on the air this morning letting everyone know she'd not only tied the knot -- but that she's four months along and expecting a baby with her new hubby, Mike Feldman, in late summer.

And while Today fans who were watching this morning were no doubt thrilled with the news -- wait until you see how her friends and family reacted when she spilled the beans.


She and Mike decided to let the cat out of the bag at their wedding reception. After viewing this video, it's safe to say they got the reaction they were looking for from their guests.

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Ahhh! How great was that moment when she said they are four months preggo? It must have been so exciting for them to hear their guests scream and cheer with delight -- and it makes their wedding even more memorable.

It's not every day that you have an entire crowd of people at your disposal to announce a pregnancy -- and they have the whole thing caught on video, which will be so much fun to watch over and over again as the years pass by.

Congrats to Savannah and Mike on celebrating two huge blessings!

What did you think of Savannah's pregnancy announcement?


Image via Today

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