Kristin Cavallari Wears Sexiest Maternity Dress We've EVER Seen (PHOTO)

Kristin Cavallari

Annnndddd my girl crush on her just got even bigger. After seeing Kristin Cavallari's gorgeous maternity style in New York City yesterday, it's obvious that she has officially taken over the title of the most fashionable pregnant woman who ever walked the face of the Earth.

(Yes, I think she might even be more fab than Kate Middleton was. For reals.)

She showed off her growing (but still tiny) baby bump in a colorful Emilio Pucci frock -- and you're not even going to believe how hot she looks, even with a bun in the oven.


Kristin Cavallari

Bam. Let me guess ... you can't stop staring at her. Yeah ... me neither.

She doesn't look the least bit bloated. Or exhausted. Or nauseated. Or uncomfortable. Hell, she doesn't even look pregnant -- at least from this angle.

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OMG. How is this possible?!? It's like she's drinking some sort of magic potion or something.

But even though she's ridiculously beautiful, maybe the style of this dress lends itself to making a pregnant body look a lot more amazing? I always thought stripes were supposed to make you look bigger, but they seem to have the opposite effect on Kristin as far as this particular dress is concerned.

Hmm. It might be worth a shot to pick up a less expensive, non-designer version of this little number if you're expecting. Can't hurt to at least try and look like the cute pregnant chick!

What do you think of Kristin's maternity style?


Image via Splash

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