Kendra Wilkinson Planning to Show C-Section Birth on TV​

Kendra Wilkinson Hank BaskettShe's definitely not the type of person who worries about keeping things private, but would you believe Kendra Wilkinson's C-section birth is going to happen on TV?

Oh yes ... it is. She told Celebuzz, "I want it to happen because I’ve been on TV for 10 years now and I thought if I have another season of my show, I want to wow people." (Translation: it'll be great for ratings.)

She also added, "I don't see anything wrong with giving birth on TV."

But the comment she made after that will really blow you away.


She said, "We're planning the C-section, so you'll be seeing blood and guts ... a placenta."

Uhhhhhh ... let's hope she was joking?

It's bold enough to allow cameramen in the hospital -- but don't you think they should probably refrain from filming anything that happens south of the curtain?

I mean, it's already unsettling to watch knowing surgeons are cutting her open without actually seeing any blood, guts -- or her freakin' placenta! (Please tell us you aren't going to eat it, Kendra.)

I understand that she's lived a good deal of her life on TV and doesn't have any qualms about sharing one of her most intimate moments with viewers -- but I'm just not sure the operating room is the best place for a camera crew. What if they bring in germs?!? Or God forbid something goes wrong, would she want it caught on tape?

If she really wants to put herself out there, maybe she should just think about letting them film her being wheeled in -- and then maybe allow them to get a shot of the baby and her happy reaction afterward instead of capturing the entire process. When it comes to the birth of your children, shouldn't at least most aspects of the experience be held sacred?

Would you allow your C-section to be filmed?


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