Beyonce Isn't Raising Your Daughter, You Are (VIDEO)​

beyonce bill o'reillyFOX News fire starter Bill O'Reilly seems to think Beyonce should be mothering not only her own child Blue Ivy, but everyone else's daughters, too. For some reason, during an interview with co-founder of music label Def Jam Russell Simmons, he went on a tirade about Beyonce's sexy "Partition" music video, calling it "garbage." Specifically, his issue is that Bey, as a role model for young women of color, is "glorifying sex" at a time when unwanted pregnancies and fractured families are at an all-time high. By his logic, "Partition" is encouraging girls to get pregnant. Sure. That's exactly what the song -- which is about a fantasy Bey had about having sex in the back of a limo with her husband -- is all about, Bill.

His total twisting of her message aside, O'Reilly somehow seems to believe it is an entertainer's, like Beyonce, responsibility to teach teens about safe sex and family planning. To that I say, "O'Really?!"


Bill's exact finger-pointing quote he launched at Simmons:

I believe an entertainer like Beyonce and a mogul like you have an obligation to protect children. Not put out exploitative garbage that you know harms impressionable children. I think Beyonce, what she has done here, is inexplicable. I’m asking you [...] to explain it to me.

In turn, Simmons -- who I feel like had absolutely no obligation to explain this to befuddled Bill (he was on the show to talk about meditation in schools!) -- summed it up perfectly:

My daughters make choices based on the inspiration we give them as parents.

Amen! Beyonce's message is about consensual ADULT sex and female sexuality -- within a marriage! (Which you'd think would make Bill happy, but no ...) It's not her job, or any other entertainer's job, to worry about what a 15-year-old girl takes away from a sexy music video. Instead, teens who look up to Beyonce or any other performer (a couple who come to mind ... Miley or how 'bout a man like Robin Thicke who is objectifying women all over the damn place?) need to be getting the correct messaging and takeaway from their parents. AKA those people who are actually responsible for teaching them and steering them in the right direction when it comes to healthy sexuality and safe sex.

Here's the O'Reilly interview ...

How do you handle overtly sexual videos like this one with your kids? Do you believe it is your responsibility, an entertainer's, or both to send the right message?


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