Kevin Bacon Gives Kids a Lesson on Growing Up in the '80s (VIDEO)​

Can you think of a better person to promote 1980s cultural awareness than actor Kevin Bacon -- he who is so powerful he was able to convince an entire uptight town to let down their hair and just dance in Footloose?

In this absolutely hilarious video, Bacon attempts to school the Millennial generation on just how difficult and yet totally amazing life was 30 years ago. Never mind what our grandfathers told us about having to walk 20 miles to get to school -- '80s kids really knew what it was like to suffer, as Kevin begrudgingly shares with the young folks.


The man makes some major points in this vid. Anyone born after 1985 has no clue what it was like for a young man to effectively stalk the woman he loved. Without the aid of Google, teens had to look up a girl's phone number in the White Pages -- wait, what's that? -- and then call her on an actual phone and, horror of horrors, have to make small talk for 20 minutes with her mom before getting to stage 2 and finally, finally talking to the girl they like and asking her on a date to Sbarro. 

What's Kevin's favorite app? He's so glad you asked: it's a Rubik's Cube.

And any youngin' who is worried about Russia doesn't know the meaning of the word "worried." Kevin perfectly sums up our Cold War angst: "You couldn't even skateboard to a Blockbuster without getting nuked."

Watch how beautifully Kevin captures the spirit of the '80s for those who weren't fortunate enough to live through it. Ah, the good old days:

What do you miss the most about the 1980s?


Image via YouTube

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