Michelle Duggar Reveals How She Lost the Baby Weight ... 19 Times

michelle duggarThink what you want of Michelle Duggar, but the woman appears to be in phenomenal shape for having -- is there a fainting couch nearby -- 19 kids?! How does she do it? Diet pills and cocaine. Just kidding.

The mom to over a dozen recently confessed how she manages to stay so slim and trim after being pregnant almost 20 times. And actually, her trick is one we should all consider trying.


When asked by Huffington Post what her secret to losing the baby weight is, Duggar said, "I think accountability for me -- and Weight Watchers has been a great thing. And then friends, and my sweetheart. And my friend Cindy, that keeps me accountable."

I like that. Accountability. No, it isn't easy for moms to carve out time for themselves, but if we hold ourselves accountable -- aka, don't lie to ourselves about eating that spoonful of frosting -- it will be easier to lose a few pounds post-pregnancy.

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Also, like Michelle said, having a good support network is key, as well. Losing the baby weight is a lot easier if you have a friend to take walks with, or even just someone to vent to! Having a baby is hard -- no one should have to go at it completely alone.

So, there you have it, folks. Baby weight loss tips straight from the Mother of all Mothers' mouth. Like her or think she's a complete nut job, the one thing the woman clearly knows about is how to look good after having a child. Or 19.

How did you lose the baby weight?


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