Holly Madison's Gorgeous Baby Looks EXACTLY Like Her Daddy (PHOTO)

holly madisonTime flies when you're being a mom! Holly Madison just shared a picture of her adorable -- no, adorable -- baby girl, Rainbow, on Instagram, and OMG! The little doll is already 1 years old! It seems like only yesterday we were getting up in the middle of the night with her and buying newborn-sized diapers. What, is it weird to feel like we're a part of Holly and Rainbow's family? Anyway!

You guys, we need to discuss how positively, insanely gorgeous this little girl is. Those eyes? I can't. Those legs? I CAN'T! Holly is one lucky mama to have not only a daughter who's healthy, but is so dang cute.

But I've gotta say ... I think Rainbow kinda looks like her daddy???


Holly is obviously a very beautiful woman, but I can only see her husband, Pasquale Rotella, when looking at her daughter -- and I'm sure that's kind of a bummer for Holly sometimes. But don't worry, mama! There's a good chance Rainbow will look like you in a few months. My daughter was a spitting image of my husband when she was first born, and now she's mostly me. And I'm sure that'll change again. Babies, I tell ya. They're real chameleons.

Like I said, the important thing is that Holly has a happy, healthy baby girl. And I doubt she's wondering who her sweet daughter looks like when she's looking into those gorgeous baby blue eyes. Adorable. Happy Birthday, Rainbow!

Who do you think Holly's baby look like? Who does your baby look like?


Image via Holly Madison/Instagram

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