Christian Bale Is Going to Be a Daddy of Two

christian baleOur former Batman and one of the stars of American Hustle Christian Bale is expecting baby number two with his beautiful wife Sibi. Bale is one of those stars who sort of stays out of the spotlight unless you count that tirade he had a few years back. But he cleared that up showing how awesome of a dad he is to his daughter Emmeline. Adorable name, isn't it?

Emmeline is now 8 and I bet you're wondering if the Bale's are expecting a boy or a girl.


I am, too, but it's too early to tell. Apparently Sibi has been traveling around the world with Christian (Emmeline, too, I presume) while he promotes American Hustle. The couple that travels together, clearly make babies together!

On his daughter, Bale has said, "I love anything that she likes. If she's getting a kick out of it, I love it. I find myself tearing up at the most ridiculous things now, sitting next to my daughter while she's watching a movie." It's so sweet they will be welcoming another baby later this year.

Were you surprised to learn that Bale is such a softie when it comes to his family?


Image via Splash

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