Rumors of Kate Gosselin Humiliating Her Daughters Publicly Are Hard to Believe

kate gosselinNo matter how hard she tries, Kate Gosselin just can't get away from controversy. It's part of her aura. And recently, when the mom of eight took her daughters, Mady and Cara, to a Demi Lovato concert, there was no exception. According to a witness, Kate "bitched out" her daughters numerous times before the show started -- in front of people. A source told Radar, "We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table. I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it. Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, 'You both need to come back here now! Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!' I turned around and lo and behold, it was Kate Gosselin b*tching out the twins. The girls seemed embarrassed and their faces were pleading, 'Please don’t know my mother.' They looked deflated."

And it didn't stop there.


The eyewitness continued that during the concert, people in front of Kate, the girls, and her bodyguard, who, by the way, she was holding hands with, were trying to take a selfie, but the girls were kind of in the way. Kate apparently yelled, "Girls, bend down, you’re going to ruin their photo!"

On one hand, I feel for Kate here. I mean, she was clearly doing a nice thing by taking her kids to a concert -- and clearly she didn't want to lose the girls when they wandered off. (And she probably didn't want her kids' faces to wind up in someone's Facebook feed.) But on the other, man, she really has a reputation of yelling and being curt with her children. I can't imagine raising eight children is easy and without frustrations, but from the sounds of things, there really isn't much "softness" to Kate. Her children probably would have had a much better time at the concert if their mother had taken the night off from being strict and stern and just relaxed. And, to be honest, I'm quite surprised Kate still "yells" at her kids in public after all the negative press she's gotten. Hopefully, it's not worse when no one's around.

Like I said, this woman is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. I guess the only thing we can hope is that her kids grow up to be happy, healthy adults. And, hey, it was really nice of her to take her daughters to a concert.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin?


Image via Kate Gosselin/Instagram

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