Pregnant Celeb Shamed at the Oscars for Having a 'Beer Belly'

elsa patakyFor the record? We thought Elsa Pataky looked splendid at the Oscars. But apparently somebody disagreed, and most ungraciously, at that. Did you hear how Fashion Police fat-shamed Chris Hemsworth's pregnant wife on the red carpet? I would have expected this from Joan Rivers, who has built her career on making women feel insecure about their looks. But no -- it was Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos.

"The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman," he started. Oh shut up, George! Of course that's exactly the first thing you can't wait to do. "But it's a horrible dress on her. It doesn't look like a baby bump, it looks like a beer belly."


Forget about how rotten it is to describe anyone dressed up in an Elie Saab, hair all did and in heels, as having a beer gut. Like she's just some slob watching the Oscars in a robe and boxers! This is coming from a guy who will NEVER KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE PREGNANT. That just makes it worse. There's something especially cruel about men calling pregnant women fat. It's hitting way below the, ehrm, belt.

Maybe you don't love the dress. (That's what Kelly Osbourne said.) Maybe you don't think the silhouette is flattering. But comment on the dress, not on her body.

I actually like the joke Joan Rivers made better -- she said, "I know why she's huge. I saw her sonogram." And then showed that group selfie Ellen took. Somehow that's more light-hearted, maybe because you could make that joke about almost any pregnant woman -- especially one expecting twins. Haven't we all felt like we had a belly full of people while close to full-term? 

Telling a pregnant woman she looks like she drinks too much beer, on the other hand, casts the woman as a slovenly glutton. She's making a couple human beings, asshole! Let's see you try that, George. Maybe he's just envious?

Did you think George Kotslopoulos' joke was mean?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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