JWoww's Sonogram Picture Proves She's Having a Little Drama Queen (PHOTO)

JWowwReality star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Roger Matthews, and much to the delight of Jersey Shore fans, she’s been very vocal on social media about her pregnancy.

Her most recent post was to share the latest sonogram picture of Baby Girl Farley, and comment that her unborn daughter is already “being overdramatic.”


In the profile picture, we can see baby’s upper body and head, and her tiny little hand resting upon her forehead. In the post titled, “My Baby Is So Dramatic Already,” JWoww wrote:

"OMG! How adorable is this new ultrasound picture of my baby with her hand on her head being overdramatic!??? OBSESSED with her!!!"

JWoww Sonogram

Oh my, she is definitely in for it. How do I know? Because I too was once pregnant with a precocious little fetus who is now a melodramatic kindergartener. In one of my ultrasounds with my second daughter, the little bugger mooned me. Seriously -- hiney straight to the camera.

She is still a stinker, and heaven help me come the teenage years, but dang she’s such a funny little person. If JWoww is indeed pregnant with her own little drama queen, she’s in for an exciting, exasperating, and wonderful motherhood experience.

Do you think babies have personalities in the womb?


Images via Jenni Farley & Jenny Erikson

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