Jessica Simpson & Daughter Get Matchy-Matchy & It's Beyond Cute (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonIs it just me, or do Jessica Simpson and her kids get more and more adorable every time we see them? They need to cut it out already! Jess posted a new photo to Instagram of herself with her gorgeous daughter, Maxwell, and you guys? These two are twinsies. And not just because they're both wearing matching oversized sunglasses, but because they look so much alike, it's crazy!

Maxwell's a lucky girl! Who wouldn't want to take after Jessica Simpson?


The fashion mogul/pop singer/TV host/Weight Watchers spokesperson/mom didn't caption the shots, which is probably a good thing since no words can do this cuteness justice. Also, sidebar, Maxwell has got on a teething face if I've ever seen one. As a mom of a toddler, I know the look of that mouth; that poor little girl has painful teethies right about now.

jessica simpson

Anyway, I'm totally getting sidetracked here. The important thing is that Simpson shared these super cute photos with the world. Thanks, Jess! Any time we get to feast our eyes on an adorable toddler girl who's a spitting image of their mama, it's a good day. Namaste, sister.

Do you think Maxwell looks super similar to Jessica?


Images via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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