Jessica Simpson Posts Photo of Ace’s First Play Date (PHOTO)

ace knute rocco faisonWow, some kids sure to make friends quickly. Jessica Simpson's baby already has a best friend. She posted a photo of Ace Knute on a playdate with baby Rocco, the son of pal Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison. "BFF's in the making! @caceecobb #ACEANDROCCO" Jessica tweeted. Oh fer cute! I'm dying here. The only thing more adorable than one baby is two babies together. But only if they're not crying and everyone's diaper is dry!


Which looks to be the case here. Both Ace and Rocco look happy, just rolling around on the rug together. Some might say babies don't get anything out of a play date. But I think they do. Babies love seeing other children, especially when they're the same size and can meet eye to eye. And check out the look on Rocco's face. He's clearly thrilled to be hanging with Ace.

It looks like he's tapping Ace's arm and going, "Dude, did you see my new squeak toy? It's mad fun, man! You gotta see this!" And Ace is like, "Uh, yeah man, I'll check it out. But I see my mom right now and she's making me hungry."

Considering moms Jessica and Cacee are BFFs themselves, it's good that the boys are making friends already. They're going to spend a lot of time together. How lucky Jessica and Cacee are to have kids nearly the same age. We can't wait to see more photos of these two kids growing up together.

Do you have any friends who had a baby around the same time you did?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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