Simon Cowell Takes His 10-Day-Old Son to the Beach!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell. Tsk. Tsk. Do not judge, lest ye be judged, and we all know how much judging Simon Cowell has done. Now it's time to get all judgy with the brand new dad! Cowell's brand spanking new baby, Eric, was spotted soaking up the rays in Miami. Soaking up the rays!!! Eric is only 10 days old. Too young to even wear sunscreen -- or at least he's not supposed to until he's six months old. Do you have a parenting teacher, Simon? Get a lawyer and sue her!


That isn't the only parental faux-pas Simon and his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, made so soon. The baby was taken on a flight to Miami -- when most doctors recommend waiting until two to three months to fly due to the air pressure during descent and ascent. But Simon was probably able to keep Eric's exposure to germs to a minimum considering he flew on a private jet.

Also, Simon's dog ran up and licked the baby's face. Kind of gross, but oh well. Just because dogs lick their asses and then kiss you doesn't mean we don't love them. Hope they got some wipes on the kid's face pronto.

But the sun? Simon, babies' skin is like parchment paper this young. The sun's rays are extremely strong. The ozone layer is practically gone! And Simon, who is a huge sun worshipper and always lounging around on his yacht in the Caribbean, is certainly going to have Eric in the sun a lot. That kid is gonna look 45 when he's a teen.

It does appear from some of the photos that Eric had some goopey white stuff on his forehead. But, tsk, Simon, he is too young for that. Yes, I'm being judgy wudgy!

This follows Simon failing miserably at putting in Eric's car seat. He put it in front facing before his driver corrected him! Oh noes, Simon, get thee to some parenting classes stat!

Well, I do have to say it's cute how hands on he's being. Those hands just need some learnin' that's all.


Do you ever bring your baby into the sun?


Image via Radcliffe/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

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