Jerry Seinfeld's Rant Nails All the Problems With Putting Our Kids to Bed

Jerry Seinfeld went on the most beautiful rant about putting kids to bed that I’ve heard since Samuel L. Jackson narrated the parody bedtime story Go the F*ck to Sleep.

On Tuesday night the comedian was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he delved into what it’s like to put his three kids (ages 8, 10, and 13) to bed, or as he calls it, the “Royal Coronation Jubilee Centennial of rinsing and plaque and dental appliances and the stuffed animal semi-circle of emotional support.”


Take a look (skip to the 3:50 mark to get to the parenting rant):

Oh my gosh, does he nail it or what? When have we become so concerned with doing everything for our kids? I mean, coddling is all fine and dandy so long as you always want to be doing everything for them. But dang it, they're not going to die learning to do things by themselves -- including getting ready for bed.

Sometimes I feel like Mean Mommy getting my kids to bed, but you know what? There's no reason they can't brush their own teeth, get their own water, get their hineys into bed, and wait for me to come tuck them in.

Of course that’s much more easily said than done. It’s a work in progress.

What’s the bedtime routine at your house?

Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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