Simon Cowell Shares First Pictures of 'Handsome' New Baby (PHOTOS)

It may have taken Simon Cowell 54 years to warm up to the idea of fatherhood, but now that it's arrived, he certainly seems to be taking to it quickly! He posted a series of beautiful black and white shots of him, Lauren Silverman, and baby Eric on Twitter and Instagram. Oh. Em. Gee. Eric is adorable! Here's the pics:





Wow, did you ever think you'd see Simon look so smitten and tender? I don't even think Susan Boyle got that look from SiCow when she finished singing I Dreamed a Dream.

Simon named the baby after his dad, Eric.

Something tells me that, despite Simon's protestations, he might end up changing a diaper after all!

And kudos to Simon for freely sharing the pics with his fans rather than selling them to a tabloid.

Isn't he cute?

Image via Simon Cowell/Twitter

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