Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Takes a Baby Bump Selfie That Will Make You Envious (PHOTO)

kristin cavallariCute pregnant ladies make me happy. Though all pregnant ladies make me smile -- all are cute in their own way because ... they are wearing a baby! In. Their. Belly! Life! It's a beautiful thing. And so when I saw the impossibly adorable Kristin Cavallari's baby bump selfies, I thought Heck yeah! All pregnant mamas need to right now put on the black yoga pants, a white tank top, secure the hair up in a perfectly imperfect ponytail and snap some photos.

She's looking gorgeous and I love her son in the background.


Her little boy, Camden Cutler, is just 18-months-old. And this next baby is another boy! Sweet!

Kristin is kind of known as the hot pregnant mama -- taking some pregnant selfies that can make even those among us with the flattest stomachs not even wanting a baby wanting to look like Kristin. I mean ... JUST LOOK AT HER!

She's naturally tiny, so it makes sense. Adorable. Can't wait to see all her future selfies. 

Do you take pregnant selfies, too?


Image via kristincavallari/Instagram

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