Kendra Wilkinson Flaunts Baby Bump in Tightest Maternity Dress EVER (PHOTO)

Kendra Wilkinson

Wow. You know those women who look all sorts of cute during pregnancy, who don't put on an ounce of weight anywhere other than their belly? Yeah. Based on a new photo of Kendra Wilkinson in a tight blue dress on the red carpet at The Hungover Games premiere, it's clear that she falls into that category this time around.

She may have put on a decent amount of weight with her son Hank, but it appears as though baby number two's pregnancy is going much differently.

Check it out. Is she stunning or what?


Kendra Wilkinson

I mean, most of us could only hope to look good in a dress like that while we're not preggo, let alone sporting a big ol' baby bump.

But it sounds like it's taking a little bit of effort for Kendra to look this good, so it's not like she just sits around all day and happens to wind up looking gorgeous.

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As far as keeping her weight gain in check with this pregnancy, she told Us Weekly, "I'm working out every day; doing anything I can to control this this time around."

Ugh. Working out every day -- even with a bun in the oven? Good for her. It can't be easy to keep up that level of dedication, but I'm sure she'll be happy she did after her baby girl arrives. It should be much easier for her to bounce back.

At least, that's what I've heard from pregnant friends who didn't slack on the exercise while they were expecting. (Taking their word for it.)

Whatever the heck she's doing, it's obviously paying off. She's absolutely glowing, which is funny, because I thought baby girls were supposed to "steal your beauty" during pregnancy? Apparently that's not the case all of the time. Kendra honestly has never looked better!

How much have you been working out during your pregnancy?


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