Michelle Obama's Parenting Advice for Justin Bieber's Mom Is Spot On

When it comes to the issue of whether Justin Bieber should be deported to Canada, First Lady Michelle Obama isn't speaking -- despite the fact that the White House has reportedly received a petition containing a whopping 252,782 signatures in favor of giving the pop star the boot. Mama Bear Michelle is far more interested in doling out advice to a person who seems like she could use it: Justin's mom. In a recent interview, Michelle said she would pull Justin close if she were his mom and that she would be very present in his life. She reminded us that Biebs is, at the end of the day, just a kid who is still growing up and that all he needs is love and the strong arm of the law in the form of a strong mom.


Michelle made a really good point when she suggested that Justin's mom be there in his life to just talk to him and allow him to unburden himself of his anger, anxiety, and confusion. And I want to stand up and cheer at another thing she said: for the love of God, mom, find out with whom your kid is hanging around because his buddies seem like BAD NEWS.

Justin's mom didn't respond to Michelle but has said in the past that she wishes people would "pray for" Justin instead of kicking him when he's down. I realize he's 19 and not exactly a baby. But I have a difficult time understanding how we don't see her glued to his side these days. How doesn't she feel the urgency to follow him everywhere? To pressure him to get his butt into rehab?

Oh, and just a side note: if my husband were partying with my fragile son and smoking so much pot on a plane to the Super Bowl that the pilot complained, I would have a holy fit. No one knows for sure how she's reacting, but I know I'm 100 percent with Michelle and can't help pointing fingers at mom and thinking, Oh, come on -- at least try and do something.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's message to Justin Bieber's mom? Is Justin's behavior out of her hands at this point?


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