Gwen Stefani Ignores All Rules By Having Shower for Baby #3 (PHOTOS)

When your name is Gwen Stefani, it makes no difference if you're pregnant with your first, second, or ninth child. If you want to bask in the glow of your celebrity friends at a swanky baby shower thrown in your honor, then gosh darnit, you'll make no apologies about doing so! The No Doubt singer was treated to an elegant soiree at Hotel Bel Air this weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of her third child, another boy. The guestlist at her baby shower sounds identical to one you'd imagine surfacing for an Academy Awards after-party: Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Kate Beckinsale, and Rachel Zoe were among the celebs who joined her for lunch, wine, blue-frosted donuts, and baby shower games (I'm dying to know what they gave out as prizes for winning baby Bingo). 

But hold on a minute. Is anyone on earth -- celeb or not -- supposed to have a baby shower to celebrate baby #3? Aren't there strict unspoken rules about this? 


Judging by the awesome photos Gwen posted to her Instagram account from her party, she clearly doesn't seem to abide by dumb baby shower "rules." In fact, it doesn't look like any expense was spared for this feast -- she had baby blue dessert treats galore, fresh white hydrangeas and candles on each table, and goody bags for each guest. Have a look:

How beautiful is this dessert table? And what about these elegant guest tables?

I'm totally digging Gwen's taste -- or the taste of whichever good friend of hers put this shindig together (no word on whether she threw the bash for herself or was totally shocked by it). 

And I'm feeling something else right now. Regret! I'm eight months pregnant with my second child and am not having another baby shower, though my mom agonized over whether to throw one for me. I insisted to her that it just isn't done. But, looking at these photos, I'm really beginning to change my mind about this antiquated idea.

Clearly, Gwen doesn't need furniture or clothing for her new baby -- she can handle any expense that comes her way. But a shower isn't just about giving gifts -- it's an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new life. And why should life #2 or #3 receive any less of a hootenanny than life #1?   

So I say: good on Gwen for kicking back and unapologetically enjoying her third baby shower! Let's kick this old idea we have about showers to the curb.

Do you think it is appropriate to have more than one baby shower? 


Images via Instagram

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