6 Sloppiest Dressed Pregnant Celebrities (PHOTOS)

6 Sloppiest Dressed Pregnant Celebrities (PHOTOS)

You know how sometimes you're checking out at the grocery store and you see the latest celebs all over the covers of the gossip mags, and then you see a picture of Kate Middleton or Gwen Stefani looking absolutely stunning while pregnant, and you think to yourself, "Damn! I never ever even once looked half as glamorous as that when I was growing a human!"

Well, not all celebrities rock the baby bump with style. These are the ones that chose comfort clothes over panty hose. These are our people. The ones that showed us that they're just real people trying to get through their days while serving as an human incubator.

Here are six celebrities that looked less than stellar when rocking the baby bump.

What was your style when you were pregnant?


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