JWoww Needs to Take It Easy or She'll Ruin Her Pregnancy

Jenni FarleyAfter hearing her BFF Snooki dish a bit on how her pregnancy is progressing -- it's pretty clear that JWoww has no intention of letting herself go even though she's sporting a baby bump.

Wait until you hear this one -- Jenni is working out twice a day while pregnant. Yep. Twice a day! Snooki told E! News, "She's definitely freaking out, she doesn't want to get fat."

Oh man. I hear that. Um, that exact sentiment goes through the mind of pretty much every pregnant woman I've ever come into contact with. (Myself included.)


But let's get back to the exercising twice a day thing. I know she wants to do as much as she can to keep her baby weight gain to a minimum, but don't you think Jenni might be putting a little bit too much pressure on herself to stay slim?

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Pregnancy is the one time in our lives when we don't have to completely obsess over the scale, so we might as well enjoy it at least a little, right? I mean, it still sucks to see that number creep up every time you visit the doctor's office, but at least you can just say, "Oh well, I'm pregnant and I'm supposed to gain weight, so it's all good."

She really ought to cut herself a little bit of slack, especially considering just how amazing Snooki looks after having Lorenzo. If anyone can give her pointers on how to shed every last ounce, it's her for sure -- and something tells me she's more than willing to help Jenni out after her little bundle arrives.

And she'll SO lose all the weight, because she was fit before she got pregnant. That totally helps. But if it really does make her feel better to work out regularly, she just needs to make sure whatever she's doing isn't too strenuous, as certain types of exercise should be avoided during pregnancy.

She'll have plenty of time for the hard core stuff after she's officially a mom.

Do you think you could manage twice daily workouts during pregnancy?


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