Farrah Abraham Is Looking for a Boyfriend ... for Her 4-Year-Old

farrah abrahamWho in cyberspace thinks it's cool for a 4-year-old to date? Hmm ... I'm looking around, but all I see is Farrah Abraham's hand raised. No one else? Oh, that's right, the rest of you are sane! While hosting a Super Bowl party in New York recently (sans her daughter), Farrah Abraham was asked what celeb kid she'd love to "set her daughter up with for a play date," and without hesitation, Abraham said, "I know who it would be! I think Kendra Wilkinson's son Hank is so adorable!"

Now, I know this is all fun and games, but the reporter basically asked Farrah who she'd want her 4-year-old to date. Wouldn't most moms think that's, uh ... kinda weird and inappropriate? If someone asked me that, I'd be all, "Next question, please. My daughter's 4."


I really don't like being a Judgy McJudgerson mom, but I feel bad for Farrah's adorable daughter, Sophia. As far as role models go, her mother's kind of the pits. Adult movies not withstanding, Farrah never seems to be with her daughter; she drives with her in the car while filming herself; she's a plastic surgery fanatic; and she thinks it's cool for toddlers to date. That's just ... no. No, no, no, no. That's not the kind of person a little girl ought to be looking up to. Little girls should be looking up to people who value smarts, kindness, and integrity -- all things Farrah sadly seems to be lacking in.

I truly think it's high time Farrah takes a break from her busy schedule of traveling to god knows where to do god knows what so she can spend some quality time with her daughter -- and her daughter alone. Kendra Wilkinson's son, though adorable, needn't come around, because, uh, 4-year-olds shouldn't be "dating."

Sheesh, Farrah.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham's parenting?

Image via Farrah Abraham

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