Kendra Wilkinson's Must-See Maternity Outfit Is Turning Heads (PHOTO)

Kendra Wilkinson Hank BaskettGuys, it's really difficult to be a former Playboy model. No, I'm serious! Kendra Wilkinson, who is so tied to the Playboy brand that she actually married Hank Baskett at the Playboy mansion, can't even be a normal pregnant woman -- she has to be a hot pregnant woman. The 28-year-old is pregnant with her second child -- a girl -- and has taken to treating this pregnancy the way any woman might: she has pushed her heels to the back of the closet and seems to be making more room in her drawer for yoga pants.

But it seems the world will simply not allow a professional hot woman to keep her breasts out of the public eye for nine months. God forbid she steps out of her house wearing anything baggier than a tank top, she becomes the subject of ridicule and criticism. Her latest sin? Pregnant Kendra chose to be comfortable in a T-shirt and baggy pants at -- gasp -- the airport! Check it out:


Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

Look, I'm not defending her outfit. It's ... less than great. But there are times during pregnancy, particularly if you're feeling sick or not your best, when it becomes a chore just to make it out your front door in the morning. The last thing on your mind is having to choose a slamming pair of stilettos to wear while you lug suitcases down the tarmac at LAX airport. 

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Maybe Kendra set herself up for this by looking so stylish throughout her first pregnancy. Lord knows we have options these days when it comes to maternity clothing and can easily select a body con dress that flatters our new curves. Like Kendra, I went a little clothes crazy during my first pregnancy and bought a lot of dresses and beautiful sweaters that made me feel fantastic at the time.

Now eight months pregnant with my second child, I can honestly say I've loosened up when it comes to what I will and will not wear. I have a toddler, so trendy clothing isn't at the forefront of my mind every day. But even more importantly: I feel more comfortable in my pregnant skin this time around. I don't feel the need to show the world I still have decent legs in order to compensate for the fact that my belly is larger than life. I know what I have -- and that's good enough. There are days when I wake up so exhausted -- way more tired than I was with my first baby -- that leggings and my husband's plaid button-down shirt are the only articles of clothing I can imagine wearing. And I don't give a fig what the world thinks.

I applaud Kendra for choosing comfort over style. Her biggest task right now is growing a baby and staying healthy. And if she feels confident wearing baggy orange-red pants and an oversized blue T-shirt (and her hot husband clearly doesn't seem to mind), more power to her.

How important was fashion to you when you were pregnant? Do you think Kendra should be judged for her choice of attire while pregnant?


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