Eva Mendes' Reaction to Airport Body Scan Is Such a Pregnant Thing to Do

Could Eva Mendes actually be pregnant? That's the theory of The Daily Mail after Eva was supposedly spotted avoiding the security body scan at Los Angeles International Airport. Keep in mind no one else is reporting this, so who knows. And maybe Eva didn't want TSA guards "laughing" at her perfect body, as supposedly they laugh at our bodies. Though I'm sure no one is laughing at Eva's. Maybe she didn't want them drooling. But if true it would certainly bring up the question -- who's the daddy? Eva was (is?) Ryan Gosling's longtime girlfriend, but the two haven't been photographed together in months.


The Daily Mail says that Eva "reportedly" told security she couldn't pass through the scan because she is pregnant. Yet it doesn't say who is "reporting" this -- except them! Dubious at best. (It probably didn't help that Eva was wearing a very bulky sweater that day.)

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At any rate, should pregnant women avoid the body scans? Wendy Wilcox, an OBGYN, wrote in BabyCenter.com that while the TSA claims that radiation from the scanner is "low" and doesn't pose "significant risk" to pregnant women, they can also opt for a pat-down if they are pregnant.

So many people are weirded out by pat-downs, but it seems safer than the scans. I personally have never minded the pat-down. People can be so awkward about their bodies. I'm sure the agents aren't getting off on this job! (Well, maybe they were with Eva ... )

In fact, those of us who aren't pregnant may want to opt for the pat-down too, given that apparently we are "giving ourselves cancer" because of all of the radiation we are dosing ourselves with these days due to a huge uptick in X-rays and CT scans.

But back to Eva. At 39 years old, she may just have decided to try to get pregnant whether or not she is still with Ryan -- either with him or with someone else or with a sperm donor or who knows what. I'm sure she had plenty of volunteers.

But if she is pregnant, let's hope it's Ryan's! Wouldn't that be cute to see a little Eva/Ryan running around?!

Do you avoid airport scanners?


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