Prince George's First 'Real' Vacation Couldn't Come at a Better Time

kate middletonIt's about time! Prince George is officially on his first vacation. Some R and R was in order after all the sleeping, pooping, and cooing he's done in the past six months. Kate Middleton whisked her adorable babe off to her favorite getaway spot, the Caribbean island of Mustique, for a good ol' fashioned family vacay with her parents, brother James, Pippa, and Pippa's boyfriend, Nico Jackson. Prince William, though usually a staple on this annual trip, wasn't able to join this year, as he needed to "stay in the UK to continue with his Cambridge studies."

Although the littlest Prince is all set to join his parents on their Australian tour in April, Kate couldn't have picked a more perfect time to travel with her baby.


Before babies reach the age of 12 months or so, they tend to be perfectly capable of being able to stick to their usual schedules, even if they're in a foreign place. Although babies are fully aware of people and objects at this point, they're okay sleeping in a crib, bed, or bassinet that's not theirs, as long as they're tired and they've kept to their general schedule. The older children get (IE, the toddler years), the more difficult it becomes to travel with them, because they know they're not where they usually are. (And who can blame them? Who doesn't have trouble falling asleep in a hotel?!)

There's no doubt in my mind that Kate and her family will have a relaxing, wonderful trip with George on his first overseas holiday. Sure, once you have kids, vacations are never quite as vacationy as they once were, but I'm sure both she and George will sleep soundly at night.

So, that said, you might want to pack a few vacations into this year, Kate! Because next January, when George is a year and a half, it could be a whole different ballgame. Have fun and tell the fam I said hi!

Is your baby a good traveler?


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