Memories of Philip Seymour Hoffman as a Dad (PHOTOS)

Memories of Philip Seymour Hoffman as a Dad (PHOTOS)

Philip Seymour Hoffman When news of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's death struck his fan-base and his community yesterday, the air went out of the room. That was the depth and weight this forceful tragedy dealt. But there are those whose suffering goes deeper than that of his mere admirers. Those grieving include his long-term partner Mimi O'Donnell, and their three children, son Cooper, and daughters Tallulah, and Willa who lost a partner in life and a father. 

Hoffman met O'Donnell when working on a play. He was not acting but directing, and she was working as the costume designer. They were inseparable from that point on out. They doted on their three children, and Hoffman was often spotted out and about with them in their home neighborhood, Manhattan's West Village. 

There is no easy age to lose a father. But Hoffman's children are so young that the tragedy of his death is all the more heartbreaking. Hoffman's oldest child, his son Cooper, is only 11. His girls are just 6 and 8. He was such a central figure in their lives, and even just glancing at paparazzi photographs is enough to make you weepy -- how are they going to cope in the wake of such a terrible loss?

Hoffman lasting legacy will not simply be the gifts he gave the world as a performer. It will include the love he bestowed on his children. We've compiled some photos of moments captured of Hoffman with his children that best captures this love. Grief is hard enough to process as an adult. Having to fathom it as a child is just gut-wrenching to contemplate. Sending our thoughts to them, and to his entire family, during this terrible time. So, so, so sad. 

How do you talk about grief with your children?

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