Drew Brees Nearly Steals Super Bowl Excitement With Baby News

drew brees familyIf you are like me, today -- Super Bowl Sunday -- is a day just like any other. Though I know to avoid the sports bars (I usually do anyway) and after the game I know to stay away from anyone wearing the losing team's jersey. Besides, the Saints aren't in it this year so ... okay. I kind of have a thing for the Saints. Because I love New Orleans. And Breesus. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees. What a guy! What a family man!

The dad of three boys just announced that his wife Brittany is pregnant with baby number four!


I think that's way better news than being in the Super Bowl. Oh baby, another baby!

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Drew and Brittany, who were college sweethearts (awww!) have three sons -- 5-year-old Baylen, 3-year-old Bowen, and 1-year-old Callen. All boys! Perhaps this baby will be a girl. But we kind of know for sure the kid's name with end with an "n". Kellan? Kailyn? Hayden? Teagan? Peyton ... oooo definitely not that.

Brees said that when they asked the boys if they wanted a brother or sister, the kids all reportedly replied "sister!"

Happy news!

Put your guesses in. Boy or girl for the Brees family?


Image via Drew Brees/Instagram

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