Owen Wilson Welcomes 2nd Baby Boy With 2nd Baby Mama

owen wilsonIt's another bouncing baby boy! Personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist gave birth to Owen Wilson's second son on Thursday. That makes Owen's 2-year-old son Robert Ford, by former girlfriend Jade Duell, a big brother. Alas, Owen is no longer with Lindqvist. And to make matters messier, Lindqvist is in the process of divorcing from her plastic surgeon husband. But never mind that! We're super happy for Owen and his growing family.


Right? This is good news? I think so. Anyway, even though Wilson and Linqvist are no longer a couple, Wilson is definitely taking his fatherly responsibilities seriously. A source tells Us, "Owen plans to be involved with the baby and help raise him." Now he's got two kids in two different households, so that's going to require a bit of juggling, more than he was already doing. Hope he's up for the challenge! Whatever, I love Owen Wilson as an actor, but you know who's going to do most of the legwork with these kids.

In other news, Wilson has a new gal. Look out, lady friend! Use protection!

What do you think would be the hardest part of having kids with different mothers?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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