Chelsea Houska Shows Why Every Child Needs a Dog (PHOTO)

chelseaChelsea Houska recently posted an adorable shot of her daughter, Aubree, to Instagram. But it wasn't just your run of the mill adorable shot, it was an adorable shot where Aubree is fast asleep in bed next to a French Bulldog.

I knoooowww.


As a mom of a toddler and a pup, I've gotta say: It's one of the world's most adorable relationships. There are times when it's a huge pain in the butt to have to figure out how to walk my dog with my daughter when it's freezing out, and times when he wakes her up from a nap and I want to scream -- but I wouldn't change it for anything. One of the first things my daughter says when she wakes up is "Onion," my dog's name; and the very last thing she does before we take her up to bed is give him a kiss or a pet. She loves him, and judging by the fact that he just patiently sits there when she tries to brush his hair, I'm guessing he loves her, too. It's precious.

Mom with babies and dogs -- if you're ever feeling overwhelmed in the beginning, having two "children," I promise you, it gets better! In fact, it gets awesome! The relationship your toddler and your fur baby have is a unique one that can never be duplicated. And bonus points if you can get a shot like Chelsea did!

Do you have a dog and a "real" child?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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