Jessica Simpson Shares Precious New Photos of Mini-Me Maxwell

Jessica Simspon & Maxwell

OMG. Just when we thought she couldn't possibly be any more adorable, Jessica Simpson shared new photos of her daughter Maxwell -- after the precious tot "raided her closet."

Clad in nothing more than a diaper and a pair of her famous mommy's boots, which go all the way up to her thighs but probably don't rise beyond Jess' calves, she just might be one of the cutest celebrity toddlers we've ever seen.

And honestly, this has to be one of the best parts of motherhood -- getting to watch our kiddos play dress-up with our stuff in an attempt to be just like mommy.


I guess that's just one of the perks of having a little girl -- though I can recall my son taking a spin or two around my closet when he was about Maxwell's age. (Little boys can appreciate a cute pair of heels too, ya know.)

And another thing with this pic -- can you even believe how much that little girl looks like Jessica? It would be pretty interesting to see Jess' childhood pics alongside Maxwell's. Something tells me it would be tough to tell them apart.

They're practically twins, which is even more evident from another photo Jessica shared of the two of them looking happy and snuggly together.

Jessica Simspon & Maxwell

I can't stand it. What a little pint-sized beauty.

It's obvious that Jess is more than a little proud of her gorgeous family -- so let's hope she keeps sharing these beautiful photos with us. They're way too perfect to keep under wraps.

Do you think Jessica and Maxwell look alike?


Images via Instagram

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