Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley Act Like Grownups by Putting Daughter First

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Maybe that’s why the news that Teen Mom reality stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley took their daughter Leah to Disney on Ice! over the weekend makes me so happy.

Because the best part of this underdog story is the fact that Amber and Gary have come together for the sake of their daughter. I love when parents actually put their children first, especially when they have such a sordid, violent past.


Gary tweeted a picture of Amber and Leah on Saturday, snuggling and enjoying the show, and another tweet explaining that they were doing it for their daughter.

Amber really seems like she’s on the up and up since she was released from a 17-month stint in prison. She told Dr. Phil last month that she realized what a disaster her life had been and that she’s turned her life around.

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It’s great to see Gary recognizing that and making sure that Amber and Leah have bonding time. He has custody of their daughter, and given their history, it would be easy to see him use Leah as a weapon and keep Amber from seeing her. But he’s doing the standup thing here, and Leah will be better off for it.

Trust me, this co-parenting thing isn’t exactly a joyride, so it’s always nice to see two people set aside their differences and be friendly for the sake of their children.

Do you think Amber's cleaned up her act for good?


Image via Gary Shirley/Twitter

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