Madonna's Grammys Outfit Is One Only a Mom Can Understand (VIDEO)

Madonna and son Grammys

Sometimes it's tough to see celebrities as regular moms just like us, but after hearing that Madonna's son David dressed her for the Grammys, it's clear that her kids are a huge priority in her life.

Check out their matching black Ralph Lauren suits! Nobody would put it past Madonna to show up on the red carpet wearing something other than a fancy dress -- but it is pretty cute how she admits "obeying" her 8-year-old little guy because this ensemble is what he wanted her to wear.


Check out this video to see more of the matchy-matchy mom and son.

It's obvious that David was incredibly proud of being responsible for his mom's style -- though not everyone was exactly a huge fan of her dressing like her kid. (Every party has a pooper.) Madonna made it onto a few worst dressed lists from last night's awards show -- though you can't help but wonder if the people who put her there realized her child picked out her clothes.

Let's face it, moms will do, say, or even wear just about anything to make our kids happy. Oh come on -- if your child begged you to wear a matching suit, wouldn't you happily go along with it just to see a smile on his face?

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I know I would. And that's why even though I have absolutely nothing in common with Madonna, I have to give her props for giving in to her son's wishes -- which in turn makes her appear to be somewhat of a normal person.

(But next time, she might want to think about leaving the grill at home. Nothing spoils a perfectly cute mother-son night out on the town like a mouth full of bling.)

Would you let your son or daughter dress you for a night out?


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