JWoww's Pregnancy Is Already Driving Roger Mathews Crazy

JWoww and Roger Mathews

Oh man. JWoww just opened up about her pregnancy a little more, and it's clear that her first trimester was even more horrific than we initially thought! I mean, we all knew she was suffering from terrible morning sickness and felt "hungover" every day -- but it sounds like that description was kind of an understatement.

In fact, the first trimester really kind of took over her life, as is evident from what Jenni had to say on her blog about her experience.


She explains on jennifarley.com:

It was the absolute hardest thing I have ever experienced!

Roger said "holy shit I can’t deal with this for 9 Months!" Hahaha! I was bedridden.

I lost 9 pounds from my first appointment to second! So needless to say I was super sick and gross. I looked like hell and felt like I had a constant hangover!

Right now I feel great and Roger and I are super excited! It was really hard in the beginning but every moment is worth it and I can’t wait for my beautiful baby girl to arrive! Good luck to other expecting mommies out there!! xoxo

Aww. The poor thing. And even though not all of us can relate to the morning sickness bit -- boy do we ever know just how tough pregnancy can be on our men!

OMG. There should really be some sort of handbook for expectant dads on how best to prepare themselves for the wrath, complaining, and complete agony of their pregnant partner. Seeing us turn into someone they don't recognize can be kind of a crazy experience.

Forget sending them out for ice cream in the middle of the night. Dads need to understand that when we go from, "I love you so much, honey!" to "Get the hell away from me before I bite your head off!" in a matter of a few minutes ... it really is perfectly normal.

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Oh, and someone should also probably tell dads-to-be that our emotions aren't the only thing to experience major changes during pregnancy. Mood swings are no picnic -- but I'm sure hearing us whine about hemorrhoids, leaky boobs, peeing on contact as soon as a sneeze comes out, and whether or not we're going to wind up pooping on the table also makes them wonder what in the hell happened to the sexy beast they couldn't keep their hands off of and knocked up as a result.

Have you lashed out at your man since you got pregnant?


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