Jon Gosselin's Plan to Take Kids Away From Kate Could Backfire

Jon GosselinIt's no secret that Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife, Kate, haven't exactly gotten along since their divorce. (Or before.) How these two managed to have eight kids -- well, I guess being in love is no prerequisite to breeding. Anyway, Jon has called Kate an "asshole" and made it clear that he doesn't agree with her style of parenting. Now he's reportedly said that he's going all out and is going to file for custody of their sextuplets.


Jon told In Touch Weekly that the kids live in "fear" of Kate and that when he sees them, they beg to live with him. Hmm, at that age, that could be a serious sign that something is wrong at home -- or could be a sign that they just want to live with the less strict parent. And we all know which one that is.

Jon reportedly said that his twins' deer-caught-in-the-headlights appearance on Today was the last straw and that he plans to file for primary custody -- as soon as he can save up enough money for the legal work. Which I'm going to predict means Kate doesn't have anything to worry about any time soon.

Jon has a good job as a waiter and all that, but something tells me he's not banking millions.

The last thing these kids need right now is more acrimony between their parents. Jon said that he didn't want his kids on reality TV because of the way it was affecting them -- but a custody battle is bound to do worse. Anyway, why is he supposedly fighting for six kids and not eight? Weird. And is he telling Kate this or just a magazine?

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Given Jon's propensity toward firing off his gun at paparazzi, the last place I'd want my kids permanently is with Jon. However, if Kate wants to make this all go away quickly, she should probably drop the kids off for a week and go on vacation.

Something tells me he'd change his mind about this whole thing.

Do you think Jon should have full custody?


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