Kailyn Lowry Catches Isaac Being the Sweetest Big Brother (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryKailyn Lowry needs to stop it. Stop it already with her adorable photos of her adorable family! The Teen Mom star's latest sweet pic? Her two incredibly cute sons, Isaac and Lincoln, hanging out together on a play mat. Lincoln seems to be getting a hard-core tummy time workout, but the clincher of this pic is big brother Isaac, who's lovingly touching his younger sibling's head. It almost looks as if Isaac is saying to Lincoln, "I got you, little dude."

Kailyn must have all but died when she witnessed this moment. I'm dying and I don't even know these kids!


It seems like every mom of two or more has a similar story. When they're pregnant, they can't imagine how they'll possibly find it in themselves to love another person as much as they love their child. Then, when baby arrives, their hearts swell in size and they pretty much melt every time they see both of their children playing or enjoying each other in a random moment. So sweet.

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Kailyn's one lucky lady. Not only does she have two incredibly cute, healthy boys, it looks like Isaac really is turning into one heck of a good big brother. Nobody better mess with Lincoln.

What was having a second child like for you?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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